Welcome to the Stride Program! 

The Stride Program is a day program that assists and encourages adults, intellectually and developmentally disabled, achieve their highest potential in the community and everyday life.

Activities and curriculum focus on:
- Daily living Skills: a wide spectrum of learning opportunities which include shopping skills, cooking, telephone usage, hygiene and personal care

- Practical Math: basics of time telling, using a calendar, counting and recognizing money, basic calculator usage and the fundamentals of budgeting

- Reading & Writing: completing curriculum that relates to specific daily activities and holidays

- Computer Usage: Attainment stations that allow you to learn additional skills including reading, math, spelling, vocational skills, art, budgeting, etc.

- Community Integration: utilizing surrounding opportunities such as libraries, public transit, fitness centers, and recreational activities

- Volunteer Opportunities: students will have the chance to participate in our local partnerships with Up*sale Collectibles, Meals on Wheels, and YMCA of Greater Whittier Guest Services.

- Social Development: continually engaging in social relationships within the program and in the community

- Library Access: obtaining and being responsible for a library card, making book selections, checking out library materials, and returning them in a timely manner

- Self-Advocacy: encouraging students to recognize their rights and responsibilities as individuals

- Healthy Living: utilizing the fitness center at our local facility

Program Hours
- Monday - Friday
- 8:30a.m.-2:30p.m. (30-hour week)
- We observe national holidays and breaks during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
Entrance Requirements
- Ages 21+
- Regional Center Registration
*Currently serving Eastern Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley/Pomona, Orange County
- Ambulatory
- Independent toileting skills
- Absence of severe, violent behaviour problems
- Manages medication independently
- Ability to learn in a small group environment, without one-on-one supervision

Program Staff
Lead Teacher - plans and implements the program curriculum and individual goals in accordance with your Individual Personal Plan (IPP).

Teacher’s Aides - work with students to carry out the program goals, both in the classroom and in the community.
Contact Information
Stride Classroom
P: 562-945-5304
F: 562-698-2275

Sieanna Rubio - Program Coordinator
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Angelica Roman - Lead Teacher

Tanya Amos - Lead Teacher


Shauna Epting - Stride Director
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562-907-6530, ext. 2006

Thank you for showing your interest in the Stride Program!

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