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The Whittier A.M. Y's Men's Club was chartered on April 16, 1948. Today the Club has more than 30 active members. The Club was renamed in 2011 to the Whittier A.M. Y Service Club.

The Whittier AM Club meets upstairs at the Uptown YMCA, in the Community Engagement Center, on the Second and Fourth Thursdays of every month for a breakfast meeting and fellowship. A prepared breakfast is served, and a YMCA or Community speaker is generally scheduled for an informative morning program. We start at 6:45 AM and are out the door to meet the day at 8 AM. Guests are always welcome to join us.

Whittier A.M. Y's Men's Club Officers 2017-2018

President                               Bob Schaefer

Vice President                        Jack Stephens

Secretary                               Tim Schneider

Treasurer                               Nancy Libby

House Director                       Frank van der Baan

Director at Large                    Jerry Laiblin

Past President                        John Richmond

Membership Director              Steve Earl

Program Chairman                 Lee Moore

Newsletter Editor                   Terry Roznos

Please contact the Membership Director, Steve Earl, for Club membership information. Please contact Club President, Bob Schaefer, or Vice-President, Jack Stephens, for additional Club information. 

General Information

The objective of the Whittier AM Y Service Club is to support the activities of the YMCA of Greater Whittier and the Projects of Y's Men International through personal service and united effort.

Last year the Whittier AM Club contributed over $19,000 to our local Whittier YMCAs ($16.7K), and to Y Service Club International Projects ($2.5K) supporting the YMCA mission world-wide. The Club is also in the final year of completing its $100,000 commitment to the East Whittier Capital Campaign.

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Club Members Participate in the Following Income Producing Club Projects:

  • Newspaper Recycling. After Magazines, Books, and Newspaper bundles are dropped off to the Uptown Whittier YMCA Family Center by community members, newsprint is separated from the "slicks" (or advertising inserts), and then bundled, tied, and delivered to a local lamp manufacturer for use as packing material. The removed slicks are sold to a commercial newspaper recycler. Newspaper processing operations are conducted at the Uptown YMCA Family Center.
  • Christmas Wreaths. Club Members sell approximately 600 wreaths annually to decorate the doors of our community. Have you purchased a wreath from the Club? Look for our Wreath Displays in the Uptown and East Whittier lobbies during the Christmas season!
  • Pancake Breakfast. Each spring the Club organizes and conducts a Pancake Breakfast at the Uptown YMCA gymnasium. The Pancake Breakfast benefits the YMCA Youth Sports. Last year over 800 breakfasts were served!

In addition, Club members' plumbing, carpentry, electrical, painting, and yes, chainsaw skills (among others) get utilized periodically on special YMCA work projects on an as needed basis. Club members regularly participate in the annual YMCA Camp Arbolado Work Weekend to assist with Camp readiness for the summer sessions.

The Whittier AM Club is one of 23 Clubs in the immediate area, or Region. Regional Conventions are held annually and provide an opportunity for Club members to gather, meet and interchange experiences and ideas with fellow Club members from the Pacific Southwest Region. US and International Conventions are held every other year and provide further opportunity for exchange with fellow Y's Men and Women from around the country and across the globe.

Not all Club activities are focused around Club Projects. Club members, spouses, family and friends gather for planned Club Social events. Club Socials generally have a theme; where dinner, entertainment, and fellowship are shared. The year concludes with the annual Club Installation Banquet where a "unique" demotion ceremony for our outgoing President and installation ceremony for our incoming Officers is celebrated.

Whittier AM Club members pay dues of $85 per quarter ($340 annually). New member’s first quarter dues are free! Club dues are used to pay for breakfast served at our morning General Meetings, Club social events, the Annual Club Installation Banquet, and Club newsletter publication and distribution. US and International dues are also paid from the Club dues to fund operating expenses at the Region, US, and International levels, including salaries, benefits and office space for the International Headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland) administrative staff, council and cabinet expenses, newsletters, training materials, awards, and more.


Applying for Membership

Please contact Membership Director, Steve Earl (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), for Club membership information.

News Center

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Club Newsletter Archives

The Whittler is the Official Publication of the Whittier AM Y Service Club. The newsletter is published twice monthly and distributed to Club members and friends worldwide. Check out our latest edition of the Whittler for current Club News and Information.You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to view these files, which is available for free from the www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html website.

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